Property Management

Dear Property Manager:

Why are more and more property management firms choosing to use the services of Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning to clean and care for the floor covering investments throughout the buildings they manage?

The answer is quite simple: Equipment, Expertise and Attitude.

Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning is comprised of a select few of the BEST people our industry has produced. Our company has invested in the most advanced equipment available, referred to as ‘truck mounted mobile cleaning plants’, a.k.a. ‘The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machines’. Imagine, if we were to extend from our trucks, enough vacuum hose to reach to the top of the CN Tower. We would still have 100% vacuum power at the top! What this means for you, is that even in the tallest of buildings, we get the same cleaning power and results on the 30th floor, as we do on the ground floor.

Making the Right Choice

Making the right choice when it comes to your buildings floor care needs can be a difficult one… but it doesn’t have to be. The good news is: commercial floor care is a very competitively priced service. Finding the right provider is wherein lies the dilemma. Not all carpet & tile cleaning companies are equal. As in any industry, there are providers focused on quality service, while others focus on low prices. We Wizards have all the bases covered. We have invested in the very best equipment our industry has to offer. Our 25 years of experience has created systems and a team of employees that truly separates us from our competitors. We are our industry’s elite service provider!

Choose Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning Ltd. as your floor covering care professionals and you too will discover, as thousands of others have, the difference we, the Wizards, make !

Our tanks hold 280 gallons of fresh water, enough to clean for 12 hours straight! No job is too big or too small.

Amazing, yes! But more importantly drying times are reduced significantly! The residents of the buildings we clean, enjoy minimal disruption as a result of these very fast drying times. With regard to on-board water, our trucks have 280 gallons of fresh water and recovery tanks, enabling us to clean for a full 12 hours, non-stop. We always send two cleaning technicians to each building. Our people are uniformed and more importantly, are conscious of the fact we are guests in any of the buildings we clean. We hold the residents’ comfort and safety in the highest regard at all times while in their buildings.

Our Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

The entrances and lobbies in your buildings need to look their very best at all times, since these are the areas where your residents and their guests are first welcomed on to the property. If your guests walk into a sparkling clean lobby, it can make a powerful first impression about how the rest of the building is cared for. This can be difficult to achieve, especially after the abuse of our long cruel winters with all the salt and slush that gets tracked in, year after year.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a FREE TEST CLEANING of the worst soiled hard surface areas, so you can see with your own eyes how truly stunning your building`s floor surfaces can look once again!

We Clean:

– Lobbies / Entrances

– Walkways or Tiling around Pools

– Cement Walkways

– Any Hard Surface Floor Areas