Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The Leader in Carpet and Fabric Care
Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning is the industry leader when it comes to commercial carpet and fabric care. We are proud of our list of satisfied customers. Customers like yourself, who were seeking the qualities you are looking for in a professional carpet and fabric care company. Service that is friendly, personal, meticulous and thorough, with attention to detail no matter how large or small the contract. These are the qualities Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning is known for. These standards and qualities are what have gained us the trust of our customers and have allowed us to be recognized as the industry leaders.
Setting the Industry Standard

Here at Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning it has always been our belief that we only ever have one opportunity to show our customers how well we perform our services and the manner in which we treat our customers. This is the first time we are of service to them. It is for this reason we have invested in the mobile truck type of equipment we have and that we treat our customers in manner that we ourselves like to be treated in.

Wizard Carpet & Cleaning’s commitment to excellence has earned us the undisputable reputation of being the industry leader in quality – one of which all of us here at Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning are very proud. Our quality and commitment since 1989 have provided value and service to thousands of satisfied customers.

Service and Quality are Priority One

Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning’s dedication to being the finest possible carpet and fabric care company is reflected in both our attitude and equipment. Our skilled staff, both in our office and out in our working trucks are qualified and eager to be of assistance. We care about our customers’ needs and we will always go that extra mile to prove it.

Making the Right Choice

Making the right choice of who to care for your carpet and fabric cleaning needs can be a difficult one. Do you use your janitorial people, or do you call in a carpet and fabric cleaning professional?

Major companies agree, let the janitorial people look after the janitorial needs and let Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning, your carpet and fabric care professional who has made substantial investments in their truck mounted mobile cleaning plants, look after your carpet and fabric care investment. The choice couldn’t be any clearer. Choose Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning Ltd. as your carpet and fabric care professional, and discover, as thousands of others have, the difference we the Wizards make!