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The purchase of an oriental rug is an investment in beauty and fine art. It needs to be savoured like a fine wine and looked after with tender loving care. Rugs will last a lifetime and longer if they are properly maintained, thus allowing rugs to be handed down for generations to come.

In keeping with tradition here at Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning, we are constantly striving to bring to our customers the highest possible quality and service available. Throughout the past several years we have experienced an ever-increasing request to care for our client’s prized oriental rugs.It was decided in the fall of 1996 that we would open an Oriental rug cleaning division. It was of utmost importance to us that whichever system we settled on using would have to give the ultimate care for our customer’s valued rugs. We did a great deal of investigative work to determine which system would fit our high standards of quality.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Overview

Part of the beauty on any oriental rug lies in it’s ageless links to the past in design, colour, originality and of course the fact that these rugs are the work of human hands at an ancient skill. Time passes; fibres become embedded with the dust and dirt of years (even decades) and colours central to all that an oriental rug embodies loose their brightness and are hidden under an accumulation of dust and dirt that until now, has never been able to be fully lifted and removed from a valued oriental rug.Ordinary methods of rug cleaning and preserving, have not appreciably changed over time. Hot water, gentle soaps, detergents and the like have tempted all but the strictest caretakers of oriental rugs.

Museum curators and knowledgeable collectors rely on a simple and basic means that promises little more than a good bath at best. All who enjoy the beauty and pleasure that an oriental rug exhibits have hoped for a return to the original brilliance of colours and freshness, but have long been disappointed.

Our System

We have implemented a world-renowned authentic hand washing compressed air cleaning system for fine textiles. Our system enables us to clean oriental rugs from, Iran (Persian Rugs), Pakistan, India, Turkey, Afghanistan and China in all sizes both wool and silk. Wizard’s oriental rug cleaning will produce dramatic results on every rug. We use an instrument, which hovers over the surface of the rug without ever coming into contact with the actual surface; this dislodges and totally removes the accumulation of dust and dirt right down to the warp and weft of the original weaving.

In detail Wizard’s system makes use of air under high pressure through a tool that lightly floats over the surface of a rug. When first applied billows of dust and dirt are dispersed, second and third times over loosen and remove whatever particles remain. Dust and dirt are not simply transferred elsewhere on the rug they are thoroughly removed by a process of cleaning more gentle than beating, more thorough and reliable than any system of cleaning presently in use.

The results of our cleaning process invite the challenge of microscopic inspection. Lying on specially made supporting mats rugs are repeatedly air-cleansed front, back and inside. Insects, larvae, grit, silica and infinitesimal grains of sand that have been collected and stored over the life of a rug are thoroughly removed. It is now, after all manageable dirt has been removed right down to the frailest fibres that washing and then drying takes place.

Rugs are washed in safely treated, softened water, using specially formulated shampoo. There is no dependence on old fashioned, potentially damaging harsh cleaning fluids, caustic chemicals, stiff brushes, mechanical abrasion or scrapping. Air opens the nap and flushes out dirty waters; a vacuum principle with the use of compressed air dislodges the dirt. Water cleanses the rug from inside its foundation to the top of its nap.

Our Promise

Our system promises the return and restoration of all that any rug can be by making use of air and water, as it’s primary cleaning tools. Except for the addition of handmade repairs by an expert our method of cleaning provides the greatest potential for the preservation of the value and usefulness of an oriental rug since river washing.

Dyes are unharmed and controlled against bleeding, then restored to a brightness hardly remembered. Fibres are clean supple and free to breathe. Fringes lie peacefully extended in perfect order. The inside and backside of the rug is as clean as the front. Both sides are ready to take their place in the community of rugs for future decades to come.

The normal in-home life expectancy of an oriental rug is acknowledged to be well over 100 years. Regular care with Wizard’s Oriental Rug Hand Washing System will help extend it’s life further, thus increasing the rugs value and overall physical condition.

The far-reaching effects of our system are being realized throughout the Oriental Rug Industry. Rug owners and dealers can now find enhanced value in their noticeably cleaner, brighter and fresher smelling rugs. Oriental Rug owners now have a company like no other oriental rug cleaning company to turn to, to receive immaculately cared for and cleaned rugs. Think of the time your rug spends with us as time your rug spends at a spa, energizing and invigorating itself back to the beauty of yester year.

Call us today to arrange for the pick up of your treasured rugs, and you too will start enjoying the return of the bright beautiful colours your rugs once gleamed and radiated with.

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