Referral Program

Here at Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning Ltd. we have a referral program in place to thank our clients for their valued referrals. When someone refers us to their friends, family or associates we forward to them “Referral Reward Certificate” ¬†for their own personal use, to use however they please, in the amount of 10 % of the work that was performed.

We understand that how we perform our services in a referred client’s home or business is in some way a reflection on the person who referred us. Therefore we take special care to live up to the same high standards of quality, courtesy, honesty, and expertise with each of your referrals as we do with you. We are careful never to take a referred client for granted. We always follow up with all work performed, to be sure your referrals are completely happy with the service and quality we provided to them.

Our referral program has turned out to be quite a successful initiative. We have seen where some customers have enjoyed up near $500.00 in Referral Reward Certificate`s a year for all of their referrals that have been sent our way. If the opportunity comes up to refer Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning Ltd. to one of your friends, please be sure to remind them when calling in to our office, that they let us know who it was that referred them to us. This way you will be sure to receive your “Referral Reward Certificate” for all of your referrals. Thanks you very much for all of your support and continued referrals to our company.


Ian D. Hopkins
Aka The Wizard