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We Feature The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine

Yes! The world’s most powerful carpet cleaning machine is right here in Burlington and Oakville, Ontario!

Along with employing the best people our industry has produced, it has always been our firmest belief that we only ever have one opportunity to show our customers how well we perform our services. This is the first time.

It is for this reason, Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning Ltd. made the investment and became the first carpet care company in all of Canada to bring up from the United States, state-of-the-art Aero Tech Truck Mounted Mobile Cleaning Plants. In the USA, the Aero Tech truck mounted cleaning equipment has earned the reputation as “The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine!”

Our industry, along with that of Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer acknowledges that hot water extraction (commonly referred to as steam cleaning) through a truck mounted mobile cleaning plant undeniably provides the best capability for cleaning.

The only two items that ever enter into your home or office when cleaning with our state of the art Aero Tech truck mounted cleaning plants, are the vacuum hose and the fresh water supply line, and of course one of our Wizards too. The softened cleaning water comes from our truck and all the dirty water goes back to the truck as well. We do not use any of our customer’s water, nor do we empty the dirty water down our customer’s toilets or drains. All of the noise and heavy equipment remain outside on the driveway out in our working trucks.

So you may be asking yourself, so why is it our Aero Tech mobile cleaning plants have earned the reputation as being The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine? – We’re glad you asked.

The Turbo Diesel Motor of our trucks power our Aero Tech mobile cleaning plants. Our Aero Tech trucks carry their own 260-gallon fresh supply of softened water. That’s a lot of fresh water! In fact we can clean 18 hours straight with the amount of water our Aero Tech’s carry on board. No job is either too big or too small for our Aero Tech mobile cleaning plants.

Our Aero Tech mobile cleaning plants can run two sets of hoses, both out as far as 1000 ft runs, with neither worker on either hose knowing or feeling that there is another worker working on a different hose run some 1000 ft away from the truck. What this means in residential cleaning, is carpets that dry in 1 hour or less. What this means for commercial cleaning work, is that we can clean where conventional truck mounted cleaning units could never go, and yet still enjoy 1 hour drying times.

In fact if we had enough vacuum hose to reach the top of the CN tower from our Aero Tech truck mounted mobile cleaning plants, we would still enjoy 100 % vacuum at the top of the CN Tower. That’s some amazing vacuum power, that no other truck mounted mobile cleaning equipment other than our Aero Tech enjoys the bragging rights to.

What makes this possible is depicted in the following picture. The yellow blower is the size and capacity our Aero Tech’s utilize. Compared to what other carpet care companies are using to clean and dry your carpets, you get a very good visual idea as to why other carpet care companies leave your carpets wet for so long. Faster drying carpets are just simply cleaner, healthier carpets. Insist on the BIG Truck !

The illustration to the left shows how the Aero Tech heats it’s water for cleaning. As do all truck mounts, the heat from the liquid coolant is utilized to heat the cleaning water to about 200 degrees. The Aero Tech people are the first in our industry to put heating coils in the fresh water tanks. What this does is from the moment we start our Aero Tech trucks up in the morning till the time we park them at the end of the day, the water is being continuously heated. Heating our cleaning water from the liquid coolant from the engine produces some intense heat. The 200 degrees created via the engines liquid coolant allows us some awesome cleaning abilities.

The second illustration to the left is what sets our Aero Tech apart from all other truckmounts, and along with it’s substantial vacuum power is what has earned the Aero Tech the title of ” The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine”. Our Aero Tech trucks have a patented system in which to harness the exhaust heat from the turbo diesel engine via a transference liquid to assist and aid in the heating of the cleaning water. With the help of the exhaust heat transference system we are able to heat our cleaning water to 300 degrees. This additional heat over and above what is created via the liquid coolant of the Turbo Deisel Motor allows us to clean carpets like never before thought possible. With the new found heat that is available with our Aero Tech’s mobile cleaning plants, when someone is looking to have a quality cleaning performed they must ………..